CryptoWatch: Bitcoin still fooling buyers into believing those 200%-plus gains are coming back

Investors at times are gripped by what, in retrospect, seems to have been mass hysteria. The price of something climbs higher and higher, with nothing to justify the rising price except investors’ hope that it will go higher still. Then, this speculative bubble pops, buyers vanish, and the price collapses. With hindsight, it is hard to see how people could have been so foolish. Yet, at the time of the bubble, it seemed foolish to sit on the sidelines while others became rich. Which brings more

Mark Hulbert: The stock market’s low VIX ‘fear gauge’ is misleading you

What does it mean that the VIX is only barely higher than average, even as the stock market is experiencing remarkable volatility? The VIX VIX, -9.21% is the CBOE Volatility Index. Though its calculation is complex — derived from the implied volatilities of S&P 500 SPX, +0.22%  options maturing over the subsequent month — it is generally known as an “investor fear index.” Contrarians interpret high levels to be bullish and low levels as bearish. That’s why more

FA Center: Giving the ultra-rich financial advice doesn’t make you one of them

Ultra-wealthy investors can put their investment advisers a little off-balance. Being around stratospheric wealth can bring up feelings of jealousy and insecurity, especially for people who didn’t grow up with money. The best advisers can get along well with everyone, including the richest rich people. They remain true to themselves, radiate authenticity, and bring their “A game” to every meeting. The ability to remain grounded amid extreme opulence requires a kind of detachmen more

Red flags credit scores reveal about a person that have nothing to do with money

Many new couples inquire about a potential mate’s age or how many previous partners they’ve had. Others are more interested in another number. Approximately 42% of adults say knowing someone’s credit score would affect their willingness to date that person, according to a recent survey of 1,000 adults by personal finance website That’s up from nearly 40% last year. Women were nearly three times as likely to consider credit score a major influence on a potent more

The Moneyist: My cheating husband just inherited $3 million from his father’s estate — should I still divorce him?

Dear Moneyist, My husband recently inherited a big sum of money when his father passed away. His father left 75% of his estate to my husband, which is worth around $3 million. My husband has been having an affair for some time now and I will confront him about it soon and, after that, I intend to divorce him. What rights do I have to his inheritance? We have five children together and I went through a lot with him for many years and I want to punish him for going behind my back and having an af more

Facebook's Top Brass Say They Knew Nothing About Definers. Don't Believe Them.

Sweet, wide-eyed Mark Zuckerberg swears he didn’t know anything. The Facebook CEO was shocked and appalled at the conduct of his company, he told reporters on a conference call Thursday, responding to a bombshell New York Times report that Facebook hired a D.C. opposition research firm called Definers Public Affairs which proceeded to undertake all manner of ethically fraught actions on its behalf. “I learned about this yesterday,” Zuckerberg said. Pressed to explain who, then, more

Here’s How Much Your Thanksgiving Dinner Will Probably Cost This Year

This Thanksgiving, families can feel free to tighten their pursestrings and loosen their belts when they sit down to feast. That’s because the American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) 33rd annual survey of Thanksgiving dinner food prices found that the cost of this year’s typical feast will be the lowest in eight years. To gather the information for its annual survey, the AFBF enlists volunteer shoppers across the country to chec more

New forum focuses on the talent pipeline

The IFST is this month launching the first of its annual education and careers forums. In light of concerns about the food sector’s unmet workforce requirements, technological, political and social pressures (including Brexit), skills shortages, and changes to education and training context, the IFST is bringing together representatives from across the sector – education providers, employers and sector bodies – to identify what practical steps the sector can take to strengthen more

Princes to redevelop Long Sutton after council backing

Local councillors agreed to approve development of the site on Bridge Road at a meeting on Wednesday (14 November). Full approval was expected to be signed within the next few days. Existing buildings at the site will be demolished as part of the redevelopment of the site to be replaced with a new raw materials warehouse and ingredients processing centre. Gross external area of the proposed building would be 18,965m2​, while the gross internal area would be 18,410m2​. The new buildin more

Meet the apprentice: PepsiCo

The apprentice: Nathan Brown​ As a general operator apprentice, I have been operating and maintaining machines at the PepsiCo-owned Walkers manufacturing site in Leicester for almost 12 months now. I’ve been taught a lot of new things, starting with a 12-week training programme that was a mixture of training in the classroom and on the factory floor with PepsiCo. For every four days on the factory floor, I spend roughly one-and-a-half hours in the classroom. I like the set-up; you&rs more

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