Think Savory Baked Goods for Backyard Barbeque Season

You don’t have to be an industry expert to know that the popularity of savory baked goods is surging among consumers of all ages and demographics these days.  If you read our recent blog "What's Baking in the Baked Goods Industry in 2017?" you saw mention of the surge of savory in today’s society. Everyone is swooning over savory!  Not to say we don’t still have a craving for sweets on occasion, but Americans are ditching their sweet flavored breads and sugary snacks for savory versions more

Food Industry is Going Nuts Over Nuts

Hey, it’s not just news in the baked goods industry, it’s news across the country…everyone is going nuts over nuts!  You need only visit your local grocery story to prove this point.  Nuts are packing the shelves of not only baked goods sections, but also in the refrigerated dairy section, the snack aisle, and elsewhere.  You can find nut products in various forms, and nuts are popular toppings, fillings, pastes, oils and milks.  Clearly, everyone, including the baked goods industry is more

Small Bites Save the Season

It’s that time of year…often I hear people, parents in particular, saying that this time of year is busier than the holiday season.  It’s the end of the school year banquet season, graduation for college and high school, spring break, playoffs and tournaments for sports season, and don’t forget tax season, Easter and Mother’s Day! Many of us find ourselves pulled in so many different directions this time of year, we can’t really find time for family dinner, not to mention sit dow more

Robotics – Shaping The Future of the Baked Goods Industry

Robotics are an important part of the baked goods industry and today’s society in general.  Innovation in the food industry is highly dependent upon robotics and the development of new programs to fuel interest in our future generations.  Look within your community and you might find a FIRST Lego League (FLL) or a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team for your child to participate on.  What may seem like child’s play is actually helping fuel a passion for STEM and forming future engineers more

Join the Fondant Frenzy of 2017 – How To Guide

If you read our last blog,What’s Baking in the Baked Goods Industry in 2017,you already know that 2017 will be the year of fondant!  Fondant is extremely popular this year for many reasons.  Here at BakeOne, Jerry Couvaras and his team have been using fondant on their baked goods for years.  Fondant allows you to be super creative when decorating baked goods:  Fondant can be poured or rolled, takes color well, and gives your baked goods that “WOW” factor as you can you can color it, tw more

What’s Baking in the Baked Goods Industry in 2017?

It’s a brand new year and there is a lot going on in the world, and keeping pace with all the change is the baked goods industry.  No one is as familiar with what’s going on in the baked good industry than Jerry Couvaras, President and CEO of Atlanta based eatery Atlanta Bread Company and Bake One, wholesale baking manufacturer.  If you’ve got a weak spot for freshly baked breads, gourmet muffins, or delectable treats like cinnamon rolls, brownies and tea cakes, it’s likely you’ve in more

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