Facebook's Top Brass Say They Knew Nothing About Definers. Don't Believe Them.

Sweet, wide-eyed Mark Zuckerberg swears he didn’t know anything. The Facebook CEO was shocked and appalled at the conduct of his company, he told reporters on a conference call Thursday, responding to a bombshell New York Times report that Facebook hired a D.C. opposition research firm called Definers Public Affairs which proceeded to undertake all manner of ethically fraught actions on its behalf. “I learned about this yesterday,” Zuckerberg said. Pressed to explain who, then, ...read more

Mark Zuckerberg Responds To Times Facebook Report: 'I Learned About This Yesterday'

A day after a lengthy New York Times investigation found that Facebook went to great and potentially unethical lengths to muffle criticism of its inaction over disinformation efforts on the site, CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the controversy. “I’ve said many times before that we were too slow to spot Russian interference and we certainly stumbled along the way,” Zuckerberg said during a press conference, “but to suggest we weren’t interested in knowing the ...read more