NewsWatch: Giving the ultra-rich financial advice doesn’t make you one of them

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Mark Hulbert: Why people who claim Social Security early often live to regret it

Your retirement standard of living could very well be worse if you claim your Social Security benefits at age 62. That’s surprising because the Social Security Administration goes to great lengths to ensure that, regardless of when retirees claim their Social Security benefits, they will be no better or worse off. Those claiming at age 62 — “early claimers,” as they’re called — will receive more years of benefits than those who wait, but at a reduced rate. Ass more

CryptoWatch: Bitcoin still fooling buyers into believing those 200%-plus gains are coming back

Investors at times are gripped by what, in retrospect, seems to have been mass hysteria. The price of something climbs higher and higher, with nothing to justify the rising price except investors’ hope that it will go higher still. Then, this speculative bubble pops, buyers vanish, and the price collapses. With hindsight, it is hard to see how people could have been so foolish. Yet, at the time of the bubble, it seemed foolish to sit on the sidelines while others became rich. Which brings more

Mark Hulbert: The stock market’s low VIX ‘fear gauge’ is misleading you

What does it mean that the VIX is only barely higher than average, even as the stock market is experiencing remarkable volatility? The VIX VIX, -9.21% is the CBOE Volatility Index. Though its calculation is complex — derived from the implied volatilities of S&P 500 SPX, +0.22%  options maturing over the subsequent month — it is generally known as an “investor fear index.” Contrarians interpret high levels to be bullish and low levels as bearish. That’s why more

FA Center: Giving the ultra-rich financial advice doesn’t make you one of them

Ultra-wealthy investors can put their investment advisers a little off-balance. Being around stratospheric wealth can bring up feelings of jealousy and insecurity, especially for people who didn’t grow up with money. The best advisers can get along well with everyone, including the richest rich people. They remain true to themselves, radiate authenticity, and bring their “A game” to every meeting. The ability to remain grounded amid extreme opulence requires a kind of detachmen more