What’s Baking in the Baked Goods Industry in 2017?

It’s a brand new year and there is a lot going on in the world, and keeping pace with all the change is the baked goods industry.  No one is as familiar with what’s going on in the baked good industry than Jerry Couvaras, President and CEO of Atlanta based eatery Atlanta Bread Company and Bake One, wholesale baking manufacturer.  If you’ve got a weak spot for freshly baked breads, gourmet muffins, or delectable treats like cinnamon rolls, brownies and tea cakes, it’s likely you’ve indulged in a Bake One treat inspired by The BakeOne team.  As CEO of Atlanta-based and family-owned Bake One, that currently produces more than two hundred baked good, Jerry Couvaras knows what’s baking in the baked goods industry.

Healthy Eating – For Everyone

With the rise of the millennial, healthy, clean, and mindful eating are all on trend.  These dietary trends can mean different things for different people.  Some may be looking for gluten-free products.  Some want to remove sugars and refined flours from their diet, while others look to lower fat content. Some want to eat only all-natural, clean foods.  No matter what your dietary goals are, expect

Mindful eating can encompass any of these, but encourages the consumer to eat with intention and attention, thinking deeply about each bite and fully immersing yourself in the process of eating, including savoring flavors and envisioning how each ingredient is nourishing your body. It’s an interesting trend for sure, as many Americans can likely say they are guilty of mindlessly popping food into their mouths while engaging in other activities from driving, to watching TV, to swiping their devices.  Regardless which consumer group you fall into, look for more “healthy” products to emerge in 2017.

Tiny Treats – Individual Portions

How many times have you asked for “just a small slice” but have been unable to stop eating the all-too-large portion set in front of you.  With all the healthy and mindful eating going on in 2017, Americans still appreciate their indulgent moments and no one wants to feel deprived of their favorite treats.  Tiny treats and individual portions fit the bill so consumers can enjoy a bite or two of their favorite treat.

Look for individual portions to be on the rise in 2017.  Mini muffins, tea cakes, brownie bites and mini cinnamon rolls produced by Jerry Couvaras and his Bake One team allow us to enjoy our favorite indulgences on a small scale without all the guilt.

Savory Surges

One thing’s for sure, savory is exploding in popularity.  Americans are ditching sweets and replacing sugary treats with savory flavors.  Bake One’s savory, all-natural breads like Spinach Asiago or Jalapeño Cheddar are sure to be popular picks this year as Americans indulge in savory over sweet.

Fondant Frenzy

If you still need to engage that sweet tooth, look for the fondant frenzy in 2017.  Fondant is surging in popularity this year and will be appearing not just on cakes but also in tiny treats, muffins, and atop cookies.

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